Spotlight Presentations

The National Mediation Conference is excited to have several Spotlight Presentations to be held in the Exhibition Hall during catering breaks. Please see further information below:

Monday 15 April 2019:
12.40 – 12.55pm:
Who is ADRAC?

To be presented by Tom Howe, PSM QC, Australian Government Solicitor 

3.05 – 3.20pm
Book Re-Launch: Mediating with Families 4th edition August 2018

To be presented by Mieke Brandon and Linda Fisher

Tuesday 16 April 2019:
10.20 – 10.25am
A new organisation on the Dispute Resolution Landscape

To be presented by David Roberts, Australian Association of Collaborative Professionals

This presentation outlines the goals of this new national organisation, some similarities and differences between mediation and collaborative practice and provides information about the proposed inaugural conference in 2020

3.05pm – 3.20pm
Book Launch:
John O’Toole, Dale Bagshaw, Bruce Burton, Anita Grünbaum, Margret Lepp, Morag Morrison, Janet Pillai, Researching Conflict, Drama and Learning. The International DRACON Project. Springer, March 2019. 

The book will be launched by Professor Diane Bretherton.

Diane Bretherton is a retired professor of Political Science and International Studies, at the University of Queensland in Australia and retains a similar position at the University of Nankai in Tianjin in China. She was the Founding Director of the International Conflict Resolution Centre and Associate Professor in the Psychology Department, at the University of Melbourne. She also has experience in the performing arts, which informs the way in which she teaches conflict resolution and peacebuilding in a number of different cultures around the world.

Three of the authors will be present – John O’Toole, Dale Bagshaw and Bruce Burton

Wednesday 17 April 2019:
12.50 – 1.05pm
NMC Overview

To be presented by the NMC Ltd Board of Directors

This is an opportunity for delegates to find out how NMC actually works. NMC is a biennial landmark; however, a lot happens behind the scenes enabling it to occur. This time, NMC was postponed while the Board conducted a comprehensive review. Laurence Boulle, Chair and members of the Board of NMC Ltd, will explain the Board’s roles and responsibilities in overseeing each NMC, and how those roles and responsibilities differ from and dovetail with the demanding tasks of the Conference Design Committee. This Board has undertaken significant work aimed at supporting the long-term sustainability of NMC, and they will explain how delegates can influence NMC’s future.