Scope of the National Mediation Conference 2019

NMC2019 will cover the following areas in which mediation and DR skills are applied:

  • Approaches to Indigenous dispute management and decision-making processes.

Key words: Governance; peace-building; evaluation; effective policy & services.

  • Business and construction, workplace and employment.

Keywords: DR clauses in contracts; business, construction and workplace arbitration; industrial and employment DR; innovation in business and workplace DR; international commercial dispute resolution; evidence in commercial and business disputes.

  • Community-focused mediation, and other community-focused processes.

Keywords: Conflict coaching; alternative approaches; environmental DR; multi-party, consultative, and whole-of-community processes; innovative approaches; evidence-based approaches.

  • Conciliation, including public and private advisory processes, and statutory programs.

Keywords: Evidence-based approaches; conciliation, evaluative mediation, advisory dispute resolution, hybrid dispute resolution; statutory programs and processes; conciliation training, standards, and accreditation.

  • Court-connected DR services, including services associated with courts and tribunals.

Keywords: Mandatory DR; judicial DR; artificial intelligence; theoretical frameworks; evidence-based approaches; current developments.

  • Dispute System Design, online DR, and technological innovations.

Keywords: Theoretical frameworks; current developments; sociocultural influences; innovative approaches & applications; artificial intelligence; evidence-based approaches.

  • Elder mediation and other developing specialist areas of practice.

Keywords: Elder mediation; age-related issues; Elder abuse; Elder law; new specialist approaches; evidence-based approaches.

  • Family mediation and dispute resolution, including Family Dispute Resolution (FDR).

Keywords: Child inclusive and child focussed processes; family and domestic violence; parenting plans, including shared parenting; parental responsibility; property and financial matters; mandatory FDR; confidentiality; lawyer assisted FDR; family group conferencing.

  • Peace-building, transitional justice, reconciliation, and civil society.

Keywords: Sociocultural influences, including: intra-cultural, cross-cultural and multi-cultural approaches; discourse analysis; evidence-based approaches; innovative approaches.

  • Research, training, and education: building a rigorous evidence base for DR.

Keywords: Research design, empirical methodologies, program evaluations; standards & accreditation; innovative research; evidence-based approaches to training and education.

  • Restorative justice and other innovative approaches.

Keywords: Circles, conferencing, mediation; theoretical frameworks; current developments; innovative approaches; evidence-based approaches.